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Crystal Empowerments


Crystal Healing Sessions and Readings

Is your life spinning out of control? Are you having a rough go with relationships? Maybe you struggle financially but know that you are abundant. Maybe your health has gone awry.

Our crystal healing sessions and readings illuminate the energetic field to provide insights and release the original belief that caused the imbalance while healing your body and your life! Bring balance fully back into your life and body while creating an everlasting change. These sessions create balance in your energy centres and alignment to the abundance of the Universe in all forms. Better health, more freedom, more creation, more imagination and a deeper spiritual connection and so much more. Allow us to assist in your empowerment of providing spiritual and energy healing with crystal therapy.


Healing Products

All of our products are made from the highest and purest quality crystals and ingredients. Our Certified International Master Crystal Therapist consciously connects and infuses each crystal providing the channels in the energy of the crystal to fully be embraced. All crystals are cleansed, charged, and programmed. We carry a long list of products to help support you on your journey. We also carry products to support your crystals, home, office, family, and more! In addition we offer and create customized products that are personalized especially for your souls journey.

Crystal Empowerments Crystal Workshops and Events

Events and Workshops

Crystal Empowerments holds events and workshops monthly. To hear more about our latest events, products, workshops and more, click on the Events page below, subscribe to our emails, and/or follow us on Facebook! 


Have Questions?

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