Crystal Empowerments Services



Sometimes people don't know what type of healing they need or which direction to go. Our consultations will provide clarity and spiritual guidance to get you back on your path. The consultations range from general life questions, spiritual, the supernatural/ paranormal and so much more. These consultations will provide the right healing services for you.

If you have any questions about crystals, spirit guides, angels, or anything else spiritual, a consultation will help answer any questions and provide direction.

Laying On Of Stones Healing


Did you know that everything you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all relate to your chakras? All those thoughts, feelings and emotions stirring inside your head and body all stem from a powerful place. When you have control over your energy centres, you obtain all the abundance of the universe. Better health, more freedom, creation, imagination and a deeper spiritual connection. When your chakras are maintained and energetically flowing, you create an everlasting change. When you truly understand what's happening inside of you controls what's going on the outside of you, you unlock the doors to success.

We offer a unique, rare and extremely sacred crystal layout body gridding, on and around the body and aura, by including specific crystals to help the client heal in all areas of their life. This is beyond crystal working. THIS IS THE TRUEST, RAREST, MOST ANCIENT AND SACRED FORM OF CRYSTAL HEALING. 

A healing session typically includes a chakra healing, balancing and rejuvenation; aura cleansing. To maintain the high vibration and releases of unwanted lower vibrations, energy and to keep your chakras performing at optimal levels, it is suggested to have a session at least once a month. Believe me, you will notice a difference and plus investing into YOU IS THE BEST!

Additional Charges apply for cord removal, psychic hook removal as this is a unique individual session offered separately. 

Save when you purchase multiple sessions in our online shop. 

Dream Interpretations


Dreams are secret messengers that use codes that we are to decipher and a lot of times we think we know what a dream is telling us but really we have to go deeper. You end up being like a dream version of Sherlock Holmes and well pretty much that is my role. The more info one can share the better. When I ask for people to send me their dreams, it's best to provide me all the details, even small ones that might seem not important or insignificant. The more one can share the better Sherlock can do her job. Dreams are ways of guidance and solutions that help us on our paths. Dreams make sense of what is transpiring and they hint at the unseen treasures that are just below the surface. With this it allows us to see those treasures, reclaim them and use them for our benefit to enrich our lives and possibly our relationships. 

Dream state is a great place where people can heal any trauma or karma without having to deal with it in the waking life. Phewfff that is a relief for some. Dreams are also a place where spirit communicates with you. People who ask for signs but never see them when they are awake will often have them appear in dreams. Our ego or superficial mind is out of the way when we sleep.  Sharing very intimate and private places and spaces of their soul are exactly what dreams share. 

I honor and respect that and please know that I have no judgments. My role is to just interpret and share the connections and provide a safe place to share the depths of ones soul.

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours and can be done in person, online, or phone. 

Akashic Records Reading


Some of the most powerful healing comes from the Akashic Records. This is a rare and unique way of accessing information to help you on your path.  This not a reading done with cards or a pendulum but a prayer process that opens to the Hall of Records where we communicate with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones regarding questions pertaining to your life.  The Akashic Records are a library all on YOU; the past, the present and your future. 

Questions that one typically asks is, "What is my purpose in life?" "Why do I fear water when I have never experienced a traumatic event in this lifetime with water?"  We have done many readings on things that one wouldn't typically think of that would have a record. This would include your business, your house, your land, an artifact, your pets, plants and even crystals. We can access their records with permission. 

These session are done via phone or Skype and are typically 45 minutes. For a small prosperity investment, we can record your session and send it to you through MP3.

Access Bars


HOW DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS? Have you asked yourself this yet? Or have you asked what else is possible?

There are many things that we are all going through but we tend to live in the story and nothing else. ARE YOU NOT A CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE?

Access Bars has many tools that we can share and teach you that will fully benefit everyone of all ages. If you are willing to continually be the question, you open the doors to how all of life can come to you with ease, joy and glory. This is the mantra of Access.

In your session there are 32 points that will be gently touched to release and clear blocks that have limited you for far too long. It is time to begin something different. The more you have your bars ran, the more you will begin to receive the possibilities. These bars are an internal hard drive of all emotions, thoughts, and beliefs you have ever experienced in past, present and future and running the bars will release more and more of those limitations that you have experienced.

What you can expect from a session? Extreme peace and a center of wholeness. Like a teacher said, "A full body energetic massage!" Where any blocks hidden or not that keep anger, fear, frustration, depression, exhaustion; are released effortlessly. Unlimited surmount of universal energy is provided to you. There is no limit of what you can create and achieve with the Access Consciousness.

Karmic Pattern Healing


This amazing healing session allows your karmic patterning to be balanced and healed so that you can live the life your meant to live without limitations. Kris' connection to Saint Germain and the violet flame allows him to provide a deep level of healing that goes beyond what anyone can imagine. His incredible gift of balancing karmic patterns with his special connection to Anubis creates healing on another level that helps bring your soul into alignment, creating peace, balance, clarity, and more! Click below to book this amazing session with Kris!