About Our Products


All of our Crystal Empowering Archangel© and Goddess Prescriptions© have been cleansed, charged, programmed and infused with the energies of the Archangel's or Goddesses.

Each crystal is infused with energy of each Archangel and Goddess. Each prescription comes with a channeled affirmation.  Our Master Crystal Therapist meditates with each crystal and channels in the energy of each Archangel. Each pouch comes with a channeled affirmation for the user from the Archangels and instructions on how to work most effectively with this pouch. 

Our Astrological Prescriptions© are designed to enhance, balance individual zodiac character traits of your astrological sign. Each has been cleansed, charged and programmed. Please contact us so we can design one especially for you!

For our beautiful animal friends, we have created a wonderful line of pet charms and also elixirs. Introducing crystals into your pets life will take time. They are already so tuned into energy, that in the beginning they will only stay around a crystal for a few minutes. With our elixirs, they have a very soft and soothing energy and we never use a crystal that will be overwhelming for any animal.

Also available are custom made pouches, Malas, and elixirs!


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