Our Spiritual Healers

Certified International Master Crystal Therapist Talua Manning

As a child, I was absolutely fascinated by any crystal or stone that I could find. Always saving my allowance to buy crystals when we went on family vacations, never knowing that my future would involve healing with crystals. I've worked with them ever since.

I was also born with the gift of communicating with Creator and spirit world. How I see you is how I see spirit world. This has been something I have seen, enjoyed, loved and felt complete fulfillment for my entire life on this Earthly plane. This has come with a great gift of responsibility to ensure compassion and no judgement. With this ability, I carry an unlimited amount of wisdom and healing from the crystal realm that has come from many past lives of working and healing with crystals and 35+ years in this present incarnation. Being called the Crystal Whisperer always makes my soul smile and I can't wait to create with you.

I enjoy crystal healing, crystal ascension grids and channeling of the Master Crystal Realms to share with those who are ready to heal and provide those who are ready to embrace their magnitude of possibilities.

My souls personal mission is to have Crystal Therapy recognized by Health Associations and Health Companies globally.

I teach monthly crystal workshops and a much more. Please see our events page for more information.

Talua Manning

Talua Manning

Kris Manning - Spiritual Practitioner

Kris is such a powerful soul. His gift of working very closely with Odin, Anubis and Saint Germain is truly amazing. He is able to balance the electromagnetic field of a person's auric field and balance the lay lines in the earth. With his connection to these powerful sources of knowledge and the violet flame it allows him to provide a deep level of healing that goes beyond what anyone can imagine. His unique gift is to heal the fears one carries in regards to an individual shadow side. He also has a special gift of balancing karmic patterns with his special connection to Anubis. Kris offers soul activation's; these activations help to bring your soul into alignment, creating peace, balance, clarity, and more!  Kris is also a certified Access Bars practitioner as well as a certified Akashic Records practitioner. Kris offers in person and distance sessions.