"I cannot say enough about Talua. I have been fortunate to have had 2 crystal therapy sessions with Talua, and I believe the crystals and Talua have made a profound difference. Talua is sincere, sweet, optimistic and kind. No judgment. Thank you, Talua - I am so grateful to have you in my life." 

-Deborah, Edmonton, AB

"Talua is a generous, loving and extremely intuitive angel. Whether she is teaching or doing a healing session her love shines through. She is extremely knowledgeable about crystals and stones, and she can help you with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with them. I always enjoy my interactions with Talua and when I need a tune up she's the woman I seek to help me get back in alignment. Thanks so much for everything....you are a blessing. xo"

-T. Edmonton, AB

"Talua is a unique soul who transcends all barriers with her wisdom and profound gifts. She truly sees and hears you without judgement while creating a safe and sacred space for your healing work. I have had two sessions with Talua and since working with her, I feel more empowered, connected to my higher self, focused and expanded creatively. I believe Talua has the ability to help anyone seeking more balance, clarity or healing in their lives. She has an incredible ability to love with complete openness and gratitude and I am so honored to know her." 

-Stephanie, Edmonton, AB

"Getting to know Talua has made a profound difference in my life. Her wisdom and knowledge and being able to tap into the root of question is absolutely amazing. She is full of unconditional love for every living thing. Whether accessing one of her information circles or booking a personal session with her, I always come away more empowered to live my own life more fully."

-Mary, Edmonton, AB

"My experience of a healing session with Talua was one filled with warmth, love and support. This was not only from Talua but from the spiritual realm as well. The space provided by Talua was so safe and comfortable I was able to express my impressions of what I was seeing and experiencing which was also confirmed by Talua. This process affirmed my own abilities and boosted my confidence which further enables me to trust my intuitive guidance. Having a session with Talua is being embraced by love itself."      

-M,  Sherwood Park, AB

"Talua is exceptional with Crystal Therapy, with Akashic Records and with Access Bars. She is so amazingly intuitive, it’ll rock your world. She’s helped me grid my house, and to get the right crystals into my garden, and for me personally. I’ve had an Akashic records reading which answered many questions. Highly, highly recommended."

-Nicole, Edmonton, AB